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Drawing upon a combined 40 years of technical expertise, including leadership roles at Google, Blue Dot Labs empowers organizations in the digital era by delivering strategic insights, state of the art engineering advice and AI transformations.


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What We Do
AI Strategy / Implementation Consulting

We assist in creating a strategic roadmap for AI adoption, identifying unique AI use-cases tailored to your specific industry and operational needs. We advise you on setting clear objectives and planning for scalability and integration with existing systems,  models, and infrastructure. By partnering with us, you will navigate the complexities of AI/ML integration with ease and unlock new potentials for your business, leveraging knowledge and experience honed at one of the world's leading tech giants.


Strategic AI roadmaps and prototyping for internal and customer-focused AI features and capabilities. Evidence-based recommendations on AI integrations through objective design, proof-of-concept iteration, and data strategy.

Strategic & Business Transformation

Define a clear direction for the company’s future, set goals, and identify the steps required to achieve them.

Alter the core business processes to achieve significant improvements in productivity, performance, and business agility.

Product Strategy &

Turn the product idea into a tangible and functional product.

Develop a roadmap to evolve a product or service in response to market opportunities and company capabilities.

Customer Experience

Design and optimize interactions between a company and its customers across the customer journey.

Deliver outstanding customer experience at a fraction of the cost.


Our Team

Helping your company step into the AI age


Alireza Ali

Tech Leader, Product Pioneer, and Google Veteran

Ali brings over 12 years of engineering and leadership experience from his time at Google. During his tenure, he played a pivotal role in the development and launch of major products such as Google Maps, AR Location Services, and various projects in Search Infrastructure impacting over a billion users globally. As the founder of three startups in the past six years, Ali has consistently focused on product development, engineering precision, and team building. At his previous company, he spearheaded the development of an automated trading system powered by various prediction models. Currently, he is exploring innovative use cases with Large Language Models to deliver new solutions to our clients. Ali is a fervent advocate for innovation and effective execution.


Sanjeet Arora

Tech Executive, Startup Founder, and Innovation Catalyst

With over 18 years experience in tech, Sanjeet is skilled in B2B product development, strategy, business growth and leadership. 
At Google, he led several transformative projects such as Fiber, Apps, Earth, and Enterprise Maps and was crucial in Gmail's enterprise launch. He also led the expansion of Google Apps Reseller product throughout the Asia-Pac.

As a founder of three startups, he excels in transforming visionary ideas into tangible outcomes, fostering innovation while maintaining a keen focus on operational excellence.


Amit Kela

Consulting Virtuoso, Strategic Innovator, and Wharton Alum.

With over 15 years at the helm of strategy and transformation, Amit stands as a consulting authority, having played pivotal roles in product launches and customer experience enhancements. At Deloitte's Technology Strategy Consulting, he steered global programs from concept to realization, showcasing his adeptness in digital product rollouts, process re-engineering, M&A integrations, and more. A proud MBA graduate from the Wharton Business School, specializing in Finance and Management, Amit's strategic foresight continues to shape the business realm.

Chris Tar


AI Research leader, AI strategy and Applied AI

Chris leads AI research teams at Google Research and was there during the incredible transition to Deep Learning for language and image understanding. Chris and his teams contributed to very early public and internal applications of text embeddings and neural language models. This includes work on Gmail Smart Reply, PaLM and Gemini text embeddings APIs and the Universal Sentence Encoder family of pretrained language models. These were some of the first long-context open source embeddings models made available for public experimentation. Chris holds an MBA from UC Berkeley Haas, and prior to Google he managed technical teams at Bloomberg LP in New York and Tokyo.



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